How do I know if I am connected to the Ares Network?
Make sure your Ares status bar reads <Online> with the timer counting. Furthermore, one of the two following reasons are likely responsible for your inability to connect to the Ares network:

You could be running a firewall that's preventing Ares from connecting properly. If you are using programs such as Norton, try lowering your security settings. If you have Windows XP, disable the XP firewall in the systems settings in the control panel.

If you access the Internet through a wireless router such as Linksys or Belkin, certain ports that Ares requires to connect, can be blocked. In such instances, port forwarding your router will resolve the issue and open up the blocked ports required by Ares. If you need help with port forwarding your router in conjunction with Ares, please supply your wireless routers' brand name and model number in your response to this message. Note: We require the exact brand name and model number of your router in order to help you properly configure your router for port forwarding. Contact Support for help.
When I attempt to register or “get my code” I am redirected to blank screen.
If you are having difficulty registering the program within the software, please Contact Us for help getting registered.
When I attempt to play an audio file, I hear nothing or get "Media Error Class Not Registered".
When I attempt to play a downloaded movie I cannot see the video.
I have registered the software, but could not activate after payment.
My Ares skins do not affix/align to the program properly.
Do I need a Media Player to play my downloaded files?
How do I transfer downloaded music to my iTunes or iPod?
Do I need a high speed connection, DSL or cable connection?
If I have a question, is there a someone that can help?
When encountering the error "Media Error, Class Not Registered", go to the 'Transfers' section and right-click on the download that gave you the error, then click 'Open External'. This will launch the file in your default media player, thus, solving the playback issue you experienced within the Ares program. Alternatively, you can always go to the 'Transfers' section and use the 'Locate File' tab to open up your Shared Folder and launch the files manually through your default media player.
Our Support Staff are always available to answer your questions or concerns. We will do our best to reply to you within 2-4 hours.
No. Faster connections will give you faster downloads, but a standard dial-up connection will work fine.
All downloaded files go automatically into your Ares 'Shared Folder'. To locate them, go to the 'Transfers' tab and click on 'Locate file'. To transfer files from your 'Shared Folder' to your iTunes library, you have two options:

1) Click on the 'file' tab of your iTunes software and select 'add file to library'.
Browse for the file and press 'open'. If you want to add a whole folder, select 'add folder to library'. Browse for the specific folder and press 'open'.

2) Launch your iTunes software and 'drag and drop' the files from your 'Shared Folder' into your iTunes Library.
We provide free copies of several leading media players. For music, we recommend the use of Windows Media Player (version 7 of higher). If you would like to learn about other media players we offer, simply send us an e-mail for more information.
You have multiple versions of Ares installed into the same directory. You must uninstall all prior versions, and redownload the latest version for your Operating System from our home page, uninstall you must go to your START MENU tab, bottom left of your screen, SETTINGS, CONTROL PANEL, ADD \ REMOVE programs, then select it from the list.
Contact our Support Department and be sure to include your post sale Order ID in your request, and we wil be able to promptly activate your account.
Download VLC Media Player. This all-in-one free media player will play the most widely used video formats and should resolve your playback issues.
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